Merry Xmas !

I Hope you're having good times in this year's end. Did Santa bring whatever you wanted ? Here is a gift more ! ;) Pinupz wishes you a Merry Xmas !

Suprise !

This is a fun shot made by my first Pinupz models, Solei and Joanna, from SBS Studios. Really thanks to them for that !
I added news links, some leading to models you could find soon on Pinupz !
Feel free to suggest me some beauties you'd like to see here.

1st Pinupz vote !

A few weeks ago I launched a poll "Vote for your favourite Pinupz !". Your 3 choices were my first sexy toons posted on this blog, inspired by Solei, Joanna Shari and Vanessa Blue. Now the games are done and I'm happy to announce the winner is... Solei !

And as Solei liked hers, you can find it now right on her homepage ! Cool, no ? ;)
Thanks to you, Solei !

Another information is that Pinupz is now present on Myspace ! Send me a request and I'll be glad to add ! See U !

Pinupz Sketchbook !

Hi everybody !

Time is sometimes hard to find, and it's been a few days now since I made my last post on this blog. I'm working on some new cartoons, featuring great models and stars I'm sure you'll love to find there ! So keep an eye on Pinupz in next days and weeks ! ;)
Til then, I choosed to make you discover the "backstage" :) and share my passion for pin-up art by publishing, from time to time, some sheets from my sketchbook : here is just a (very) old sexy sketch inspired by a playmate. Enjoy !