Here is a new commisionned pin-up, a gift for Naomi from her cool boyfriend !
I generally offer such designs for models but as well for particular people. Think about it if you'd like to make an original gift ;) Feel free to contact me for any question.
I wish you all to end this year with fun !

Pinupz video

Hi !
After a very long time working on new projects, I'm back with a full bag of pinupz coming. Many sketches are waiting to get some colors and you'll discover them very soon. Stay tuned !

For now, check this Dalymotion movie promoting the Pinupz website.

VBlazin feat. Nils !

VBlazin Magazine, "the hottest magazine on the net" has chosen Pinupz to be featured on their new Art Dept. Space ! Check it out !

You can add this page to your favs, they will bring you new artists to discover each week ! And in the last issue of the mag, there are various and cool stuff : videogames (Viking : Battle for Asgard reviewed), a photographer's life, people news (Jay-Z and Beyonce...), bonus booty...

Kimmi Kennedy

After some fan arts or fantasy drawings, I started again to work after real women, and today Pinupz brings you a new toon of a great model you absolutely have to discover : native of Luisiana, Kimmi Kennedy has all that she needs to make you a fan !
You can see her in VBlazin Magazine and don't forget to take a look on her new official website !
No doubt you will hear and see more about her soon ! ;)

Super Sexy Maria

Hello ! Here is a new Pinupz, inspired by Super Mario Bros ! Some Nintendo fans over there ? Tell me if you like it, although unfortunately, I don't think this game would ever be released on our Wii... :)


Hi everybody ! Back to work after a cool week under the sun of Tuinisia ! A good occasion to show you this special "Khaliman" pinup, with her oriental look !

This character is one of the pinups I made a few weeks ago for the wish card of Kraken Editions, just releasing their new strategy game Alkemy ! If you're into miniatures or that kind of games or even if you're just curious, take a look, the quality of these ones is outstanding !


Just leaving tomorrow for a few days in Tunisia, in search of some rest and inspiration :) As I didn't want to go on vacations without letting you something, I offer you some more old sketches. I hope you'll like it ! See U soon.

Sexy Art Studio

Hi everybody !

Too late to wish you a happy new year, sorry... However, I hope 2008 has began with good times and great news for everyone of you.

I'm sorry for this very long time without any post on the blog. Well, I guess you understand, sometimes there's to much work... I had some problems with Myspace too : I don't know why, but my account has been closed, and that let me a little discouraged... I don't think there's anything offending in my drawings, so I don't know the reason, and that's not the stupid robot answering to my emails who will explane it to me :) Not really serious, you can still hire me on Nils'Myspace or via this blog.

Now I can say Pinupz is back ! To illustrate this come-back, I've drawn this sexy artist, as my pinup alter-ego :)

I've been discussing and planning some stuff with upcoming or well-known models and I can tell you Pinupz will bring you some good surprises this year ! Stay tuned ! ;)