Brenda Lynn

Hi everybody !
Latina lovers, that's a lucky day for you : upcoming beauty Brenda Lynn, appearing on the new Show Mag cover (Issue 8 - The Latina Lover’s Collectors Edition - even the name is tempting, isn't it ?), is a model and actress from New Jersey (but originary from Puerto Rico), and has appeared in other magazines (Maxim, FHM online) and in Jay Z ft. Pharrell - Blue Magic Music Video !
Be sure to check her brand new website !


Stone Cold said...

Wow, Miss Puerto Rico. I have to tell you that's the ACCURATE pic I have ever seen of a Boriqua Mommi! ( I have 2 Puerto Rican ex-wives).Please add me as a friend & how do use your drawings fir comments. Keep up the great work.

Nils said...

Hi Joe ! I'm sorry I can't add you on Myspace : you've got a "last name or mail" security... So please make a request so I can accept. Thanks for your comment ! And viva latina ! ;)